Harvesting Dreams
The Journey of Raúl Ramírez from Mexico to the American Dream
Photo of Raul's grandfather, Don Porfirio.

Raúl’s grandfather, Don Porfirio.

Born in the farming village of Dolores Cuadrilla de Enmedio in Querétaro, one of central Mexico’s most enchanting old states, Raúl’s journey unfolds.

His father, Serafin Ramirez, emigrated to California when Raúl was just a young boy. This chapter of his father’s life story has woven itself into America’s tapestry of immigration tales. Serafin seized the opportunity presented by the World War II Bracero program to alleviate the wartime labor scarcity. Through dedication and unwavering effort, he not only secured citizenship for himself but for his entire family.

One of Raúl’s treasured memories takes us back to the days when his father Serafin was laboring in California, leaving Raúl under the care of his grandfather. Walking along the roadside, the landscape unfolded as a canvas for their shared experience.

In Raúl’s words, “He would point out the many beans dropped on the roadside thanks to the farmers transporting their crops to market. He would pick up the beans and show me their tears, explaining that the beans were weeping due to being left behind. He would gather them into a satchel he carried over his shoulder. This bean gathering became a game between us. Almost without fail, when we arrived home there were enough beans for a large pot of bean soup to feed the family.”

“My grandfather had a lifelong rule to never leave the home and return with his hands empty. He never broke this rule… you never knew what he’d return with… it could be a cactus fruit, the roadside beans, corn, even green tree branches that he’d collect and dry year round ensuring enough firewood for the cold season. It was this strong work ethic along with old world wisdom of my grandfather that gave me the drive I have to this day.”

In homage to the profound influence of Raúl’s grandfather, the Gran Reserva line bears his grandfather’s name, synonymous with honor – Don Porfirio.

Raúl’s passions for wine and horses are etched in the tapestry of his Querétaro roots, a region deeply touched by Spanish heritage, including the art of winemaking.

Dating back to the 16th century, Spanish conquerors settled in the realm of New Spain, sowing vineyards that would flourish. Today, Raúl Ramirez Bodegas y Viñedos stands as a unique testament in Temecula, dedicated almost exclusively to Spanish varietals. Amidst this Spanish symphony, there is a solitary note – a block of time-honored Chardonnay vines, a legacy from the land’s previous steward. But beyond the vines, Raúl’s prized Spanish Andalusian horses, a pinnacle of equine beauty, grace El Rancho as an inseparable part of the legacy.

Raúl’s tireless dedication and pride in fostering a thriving enterprise, one that supports many livelihoods, is a driving force evident in every facet of the winery. Each element has been meticulously crafted to embody the pinnacle of quality. We extend to you the fruits of their labor – an invitation to partake in their journey towards the American dream.

An Introduction to a Better Wine
At Raúl Ramirez Winery, we don’t just make wine; we craft an unparalleled boutique winery experience. Our passion for winemaking is evident in every meticulous step we take, ensuring that each bottle embodies the essence of Spanish tradition right here in California.

From our painstaking cultivation of vineyards to the application of time-honored grape-growing secrets from Ranchos Las Estra Vista, we unlock the potential of exceptional grapes. This commitment empowers our winemakers to craft wines that are truly distinctive, capturing the heart of Spanish culture.

Throughout our hand-cultivated process, from growth to selection, harvesting to crushing, fermentation to clarification, and aging to bottling, we infuse each phase with our dedication to providing the ultimate wine and experience.

But that’s not all. We’re thrilled to introduce our latest endeavors aimed at offering more than just exceptional Spanish-inspired wines. We’re devoted to captivating our cherished wine club members and guests with an elevated experience that goes beyond the ordinary. Moreover, we’re creating unique events that transport a touch of Spain to our splendid tasting room, nestled in the heart of Temecula Valley Wine Country.

We extend a warm and exclusive invitation to you to join us. Immerse yourself in the richness of our offerings and savor the true essence of Spanish wine culture at Raúl Ramirez Winery. Come and discover the Boutique Winery Experience that sets us apart.

Photo of Raul Ramirez wine corks.
Photo of man on a horse.
Los Caballos de Raúl Ramirez

In the graceful presence of El Rancho’s equine companions, the lineage of Spain’s majestic Andalusian horses comes to life. These horses, renowned for their elegant stature and flowing manes, trace their ancestry back over six centuries to the Iberian war horses cherished by Ferdinand and Isabella.

Behold the true Andalusian legacy, as each of El Rancho’s featured horses proudly holds the distinguished title of Pura Raza Española. This designation stands as a testament to their authentic Spanish heritage, with bloodlines that have been nurtured and preserved for generations. With a history that can be traced back through the annals of time, these horses embody the essence of Spain’s equestrian tradition.

In fact, seven of these remarkable horses possess their own equine “passports,” graced with official records within Spain’s esteemed horse registry. This recognition further cements their status as living embodiments of Pura Raza Española, carrying forth the legacy of Spain’s equestrian history into the present day.